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From the extension Standard Rules

Standard actions concerning the actor's possessions
taking inventory taking removing it from dropping putting it on inserting it into eating

Standard actions which move the actor
going entering exiting getting off

Standard actions concerning the actor's vision
looking examining looking under searching consulting it about

Standard actions which change the state of things
locking it with unlocking it with switching on switching off opening closing wearing taking off

Standard actions concerning other people
giving it to showing it to waking throwing it at attacking kissing answering it that telling it about asking it about asking it for

Standard actions which are checked but then do nothing unless rules intervene
waiting touching waving pulling pushing turning pushing it to squeezing

Standard actions which always do nothing unless rules intervene
saying yes saying no burning waking up thinking smelling listening to tasting cutting jumping tying it to drinking saying sorry swinging rubbing setting it to waving hands buying climbing sleeping

Standard actions which happen out of world
quitting the game  saving the game  restoring the game  restarting the game  verifying the story file  switching the story transcript on  switching the story transcript off  requesting the story file version  requesting the score  preferring abbreviated room descriptions  preferring unabbreviated room descriptions  preferring sometimes abbreviated room descriptions  switching score notification on  switching score notification off  requesting the pronoun meanings 


Listed in alphabetical order
About actions New actions Out of world actions
action     noun     second noun
answering it that     touchable object     topic
asking it about     touchable object     topic
asking it for     touchable object     touchable object
attacking     touchable object    
burning     touchable object    
buying     touchable object    
climbing     touchable object    
closing     touchable object    
consulting it about     touchable object     topic
cutting     touchable object    
drinking     touchable object    
dropping     touchable object    
eating     touchable object    
entering     touchable object    
examining requires light      object    
exiting     —    
getting off     touchable object    
giving it to     carried object     touchable object
going     object    
inserting it into     touchable object     touchable object
jumping     —    
kissing     touchable object    
listening to     touchable object    
locking it with     touchable object     carried object
looking     —    
looking under requires light      object    
opening     touchable object    
preferring abbreviated room descriptions      —    
preferring sometimes abbreviated room descriptions      —    
preferring unabbreviated room descriptions      —    
pulling     touchable object    
pushing     touchable object    
pushing it to     touchable object     object
putting it on     touchable object     touchable object
quitting the game      —    
removing it from     touchable object     touchable object
requesting the pronoun meanings      —    
requesting the score      —    
requesting the story file version      —    
restarting the game      —    
restoring the game      —    
rubbing     touchable object    
saving the game      —    
saying no     —    
saying sorry     —    
saying yes     —    
searching requires light      touchable object    
setting it to     touchable object     topic
showing it to     carried object     object
sleeping     —    
smelling     touchable object    
squeezing     touchable object    
swinging     touchable object    
switching off     touchable object    
switching on     touchable object    
switching score notification off      —    
switching score notification on      —    
switching the story transcript off      —    
switching the story transcript on      —    
taking     touchable object    
taking inventory     —    
taking off     touchable object    
tasting     touchable object    
telling it about     touchable object     topic
thinking     —    
throwing it at     carried object     object
touching     touchable object    
turning     touchable object    
tying it to     touchable object     touchable object
unlocking it with     touchable object     carried object
verifying the story file      —    
waiting     —    
waking     touchable object    
waking up     —    
waving     touchable object    
waving hands     —    
wearing     carried object    


Kinds of action, grouped under common names
About kinds of action

No names for kinds of action have yet been defined.


Commands which the player can type
About commands
"[direction]" - going

"adjust", same as "set"
"answer [text] to [someone]" - answering it that  reversed
"ask [someone] for [something]" - asking it for 
"ask [someone] about [text]" - asking it about 
"attach", same as "tie"
"attack [something]" - attacking 
"awake", same as "wake"
"awaken", same as "wake"

"break", same as "attack"
"brief" - preferring sometimes abbreviated room descriptions 
"burn [something]" - burning 
"buy [something]" - buying 

"carry", same as "take"
"check", same as "examine"
"chop", same as "cut"
"clean", same as "rub"
"clear", same as "push"
"climb [something]" - climbing 
"climb up/over [something]" - climbing 
"close [something]" - closing 
"close up [something]" - closing 
"close off [something]" - switching off 
"consult [something] on/about [text]" - consulting it about 
"cover", same as "close"
"crack", same as "attack"
"cross", same as "enter"
"cut [something]" - cutting 

"describe", same as "examine"
"destroy", same as "attack"
"discard", same as "drop"
"display", same as "show"
"disrobe", same as "shed"
"doff", same as "shed"
"don", same as "wear"
"drag", same as "pull"
"drink [something]" - drinking 
"drop [things preferably held]" - dropping 
"drop [something preferably held] at/against [something]" - throwing it at 
"drop [other things] in/into/down [something]" - inserting it into 
"drop [other things] on/onto [something]" - putting it on 
"dust", same as "rub"

"eat [something preferably held]" - eating 
"embrace", same as "kiss"
"enter" - entering 
"enter [something]" - entering 
"examine [something]" - examining 
"exit" - exiting 

"fasten", same as "tie"
"feed", same as "give"
"feel", same as "touch"
"fight", same as "attack"

"get out/off/down/up" - exiting 
"get in/on" - entering 
"get [things]" - taking 
"get in/into/on/onto [something]" - entering 
"get off/down [something]" - getting off 
"get [things inside] from [something]" - removing it from 
"give [someone] [something preferably held]" - giving it to  reversed
"give [something preferably held] to [someone]" - giving it to 
"go" - going 
"go [direction]" - going 
"go [something]" - entering 
"go into/in/inside/through [something]" - entering 

"hear [something]" - listening to 
"hit", same as "attack"
"hold", same as "take"
"hop", same as "jump"
"hug", same as "kiss"

"i", same as "inventory"
"insert [other things] in/into [something]" - inserting it into 
"inv", same as "inventory"
"inventory" - taking inventory 

"jump" - jumping 

"kill", same as "attack"
"kiss [someone]" - kissing 

"l", same as "look"
"leave", same as "exit"
"light", same as "burn"
"listen" - listening to 
"listen to [something]" - listening to 
"lock [something] with [something preferably held]" - locking it with 
"long" - preferring unabbreviated room descriptions 
"look" - looking 
"look [something]" - examining 
"look at [something]" - examining 
"look inside/in/into/through [something]" - searching 
"look under [something]" - looking under 
"look up [text] in [something]" - consulting it about  reversed

"move", same as "push"
"murder", same as "attack"

"nap", same as "sleep"
"no" - saying no 
"normal" - preferring sometimes abbreviated room descriptions 
"notify" - switching score notification on 
"notify on" - switching score notification on 
"notify off" - switching score notification off 
"nouns" - requesting the pronoun meanings 

"offer", same as "give"
"open [something]" - opening 
"open [something] with [something preferably held]" - unlocking it with 
"out", same as "exit"

"pay", same as "give"
"pick up [things]" - taking 
"pick [things] up" - taking 
"polish", same as "rub"
"present", same as "show"
"press", same as "push"
"pronouns" - requesting the pronoun meanings 
"prune", same as "cut"
"pull [something]" - pulling 
"punch", same as "attack"
"purchase", same as "buy"
"push [something]" - pushing 
"push [something] [direction]" - pushing it to 
"push [something] to [direction]" - pushing it to 
"put on [something preferably held]" - wearing 
"put [something preferably held] on" - wearing 
"put down [things preferably held]" - dropping 
"put [things preferably held] down" - dropping 
"put [other things] in/inside/into [something]" - inserting it into 
"put [other things] on/onto [something]" - putting it on 

"q" - quitting the game 
"quit" - quitting the game 

"read [something]" - examining 
"read about [text] in [something]" - consulting it about  reversed
"read [text] in [something]" - consulting it about  reversed
"remove [something preferably held]" - taking off 
"remove [things inside] from [something]" - removing it from 
"restart" - restarting the game 
"restore" - restoring the game 
"rotate", same as "turn"
"rub [something]" - rubbing 
"run", same as "go"

"save" - saving the game 
"say", same as "answer"
"scale", same as "climb"
"score" - requesting the score 
"screw", same as "turn"
"script" - switching the story transcript on 
"script on" - switching the story transcript on 
"script off" - switching the story transcript off 
"scrub", same as "rub"
"search [something]" - searching 
"set [something] to [text]" - setting it to 
"shed [something preferably held]" - taking off 
"shift", same as "push"
"shine", same as "rub"
"short" - preferring abbreviated room descriptions 
"shout", same as "answer"
"show [someone] [something preferably held]" - showing it to  reversed
"show [something preferably held] to [someone]" - showing it to 
"shut", same as "close"
"sip", same as "drink"
"sit on/in/inside [something]" - entering 
"sit on top of [something]" - entering 
"skip", same as "jump"
"sleep" - sleeping 
"slice", same as "cut"
"smash", same as "attack"
"smell" - smelling 
"smell [something]" - smelling 
"sniff", same as "smell"
"sorry" - saying sorry 
"speak", same as "answer"
"squash", same as "squeeze"
"squeeze [something]" - squeezing 
"stand" - exiting 
"stand up" - exiting 
"stand on [something]" - entering 
"superbrief" - preferring abbreviated room descriptions 
"swallow", same as "drink"
"sweep", same as "rub"
"swing [something]" - swinging 
"swing on [something]" - swinging 
"switch [something switched on]" - switching off 
"switch [something]" - switching on 
"switch on [something]" - switching on 
"switch [something] on" - switching on 
"switch [something] off" - switching off 
"switch off [something]" - switching off 

"take inventory" - taking inventory 
"take [things]" - taking 
"take off [something]" - taking off 
"take [something] off" - taking off 
"take [things inside] from [something]" - removing it from 
"take [things inside] off [something]" - removing it from 
"taste [something]" - tasting 
"tell [someone] about [text]" - telling it about 
"think" - thinking 
"throw", same as "drop"
"thump", same as "attack"
"tie [something] to [something]" - tying it to 
"torture", same as "attack"
"touch [something]" - touching 
"transcript" - switching the story transcript on 
"transcript on" - switching the story transcript on 
"transcript off" - switching the story transcript off 
"turn [something]" - turning 
"turn [something] on" - switching on 
"turn on [something]" - switching on 
"turn [something] off" - switching off 
"turn off [something]" - switching off 
"twist", same as "turn"

"uncover", same as "open"
"unlock [something] with [something preferably held]" - unlocking it with 
"unscrew", same as "turn"
"unwrap", same as "open"

"verbose" - preferring unabbreviated room descriptions 
"verify" - verifying the story file 
"version" - requesting the story file version 

"wait" - waiting 
"wake" - waking up 
"wake up" - waking up 
"wake [someone]" - waking 
"wake [someone] up" - waking 
"wake up [someone]" - waking 
"walk", same as "go"
"watch", same as "examine"
"wave" - waving hands 
"wave [something]" - waving 
"wear [something preferably held]" - wearing 
"wipe", same as "rub"
"wreck", same as "attack"

"x", same as "examine"

"y", same as "yes"
"yes" - saying yes 

"z", same as "wait"


Those square-bracketed pieces inside Understand grammar
About tokens New tokens

In addition to the tokens listed below, any description of an object or value can be used: for example, "[number]" matches text like 127 or SIX, and "[open door]" matches the name of any nearby door which is currently open.

Names of objects are normally understood only when they are within sight, but writing "any" lifts this restriction. So "[any person]" allows every name of a person, wherever they happen to be.

"[anybody]" - same as "[someone]"

"[anyone]" - same as "[someone]"

"[anything]" - same as "[thing]"

"[other things]"

"[somebody]" - same as "[someone]"


"[something]" - same as "[thing]"

"[something preferably held]"



"[things inside]"

"[things preferably held]"