Offering the player a menu of things to read after winning the game.

Building a menu is moderately tedious, so we will rely on the standard menu extensions provided. Thus:

Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short. Include Menus by Emily Short.
Table of Amusing Matter
"Cult Revisions"--"Did you try... [paragraph break] banning the worship of Seth? [line break] of Dionysus? [line break] assigning all your priests to Re? [line break] assigning male priests to Cybele? [line break] assigning married priestesses to Hestia? [line break] identifying one god as another (e.g., Isis and Hecate)? [line break] identifying a mortal as a god (e.g., Alexander as Helios-Apollo)?"--
"Military Revisions"--"Did you try... [paragraph break] allying a Greek city-state with the Persians? (try >MEDIZE) [line break] playing Athens as a land-based power?"--
Rule for amusing a victorious player:
   now the current menu is the Table of Amusing Matter;
   now the current menu title is "Things to Try";
   carry out the displaying activity;
   clear the screen.

Omitting about a half million words from this rigorous and educational but nonetheless enthralling simulation of centuries of history, culture, and religion, we will skip directly to:

Athens is a room.
Use scoring.
Every turn:
   if the score is greater than 10000, end the story finally.
When play begins: now the score is 10001.
Test me with "z".
Test me with "z".


>[1] z
Time passes.

*** The End ***

In that game you scored 10001 out of a possible 0, in 1 turn.