Printing the time of day in 24-hour time, as in military situations.

Though Inform normally prints times in AM/PM terms, it stores the hours and minutes as 24-hour time; so, if we like, we can easily extract that information again thus:

"Situation Room"
The Situation Room is a room.
To say (relevant time - a time) as 24h time:
   let H be the hours part of relevant time;
   let M be the minutes part of relevant time;
   say "[if H is less than 10]0[end if][H][if M is less than 10]0[end if][M]".
When play begins:
   now the time of day is 6:09 PM;
   now the right hand status line is "[time of day as 24h time]".
Test me with "z".
Test me with "z".
Situation Room


>[1] z
Time passes.