Supplying a default direction for "go", so that "leave", "go", etc., are always interpreted as "out".

Sometimes it would be nice to respond a little more sensitively to a vague command such as "leave" -- converting it, perhaps, to a "go out" command.

"Minimal Movement"
The Doll-like House is a room. The Postage-Stamp-Sized Garden is outside from the House.
Rule for supplying a missing noun while going:
   now noun is outside.

This particular situation is very slightly complicated by the existing rules about vague movement, but fortunately we can easily turn those off.

The block vaguely going rule is not listed in the for supplying a missing noun rules.
Test me with "go".
Test me with "go".
Doll-like House


>[1] go

Postage-Stamp-Sized Garden