Adding extra phrasing to the action to PUSH something in a direction.

By default, when the player pushes something a direction, Inform checks to make sure that the object is pushable between rooms. If not, it blocks the action; if so, it carries out a normal going action with the pushed object taken along.

Also by default, this action produces only a description of the new room that we've traveled into. But suppose we would like to print a short message describing the pushing action first:

"Mattress King"
Monica's Bedroom is a room. The Living Room is south of Monica's Bedroom. Rachel's Bedroom is south of the Living Room.
After going a direction (called way-pushed) with something (called the thing-pushed):
   say "You push [the thing-pushed] [way-pushed] to [the location].";
   continue the action.
The race car bed is an enterable supporter in Monica's Bedroom. It is pushable between rooms.
Test me with "push bed south".
Test me with "push bed south".
Monica's Bedroom
You can see a race car bed here.


>[1] push bed south
You push the race car bed south to the Living Room.

Living Room