All doors in the game automatically attempt to open if the player approaches them when they are closed.

"Called" is quite useful in the context of rules about going, since go rules often refer to things other than the noun the player typed. For instance, suppose we want to have doors which politely open when the player tries to pass through them:

"Higher Calling"
Before going through a closed door (called the blocking door):
   say "(first opening [the blocking door])[line break]";
   silently try opening the blocking door;
   if the blocking door is closed, stop the action.
Dome is a room. North of Dome is North Chapel. South of the Dome is South Chapel. West of the Dome is Western End. Quiet Corner is northwest of the Dome, north of Western End, and west of North Chapel. Loud Corner is east of North Chapel, northeast of Dome, and north of Eastern End. Eastern End is north of Dim Corner and east of Dome. Dim Corner is southeast of Dome and east of South Chapel. Ruined Corner is southwest of Dome, west of South Chapel, and south of Western End.
The church door is east of Eastern End and west of the Courtyard. The church door is a door.
Test me with "e / e".
Test me with "e / e".


>[1] e

Eastern End
You can see a church door here.

>[2] e
(first opening the church door)

You can see a church door here.

A fuller set of such rules is included in the Locksmith extension.