Disenchantment Bay 8

Pushable chest of ice
Example 28

Disenchantment Bay: a pushable chest of ice for the boat.

We probably do not need a vehicle to ride around our boat, but there might be a heavy ice chest that can only be pushed from room to room:

The ice chest is a closed openable container in the Deck. "A very heavy ice chest sits on the ground." It is fixed in place and pushable between rooms. A quantity of ice is in the chest. The description is "Ready and waiting just in case there's any fish needing to be kept cool."

This anticipates a later chapter, but it would probably be a good idea to hint to the player, if he tries to take the ice chest, that there is another way to move it:

Instead of taking the chest: say "It's too heavy to lift, but you might be able to push it, and just inch it over the frame of the door."

Otherwise, attempts to pick it up will just reply with "That's fixed in place."