Disenchantment Bay 11

The player's backpack
Example 34

Disenchantment Bay: making a holdall of the backpack.

If we wanted, we could make the player's backpack infinitely capacious, so:

The backpack is a player's holdall.

…And now whenever the player character is unable to hold everything, he will automatically stow some of his possessions therein.

This is only useful if the player doesn't have infinite carrying capacity himself, so perhaps we also need

The carrying capacity of the player is 3.

Perhaps mercifully, items which are worn are not counted against the player's carrying capacity. We might want to let him take advantage of that, too:

The backpack is wearable.

This capacity system makes a compromise between the realistic and the absurd: on the one hand, it acknowledges that people can't carry an infinite number of items in their hands, while at the same time providing a sack that can.

Many games will have no use for object-juggling of this kind at all; others will want to be much more rigorous about questions of capacity and volume. Fortunately, it is easy to leave the whole business out by assigning no carrying capacity to anything.