Testing to make sure that all objects have been given descriptions.

It may occasionally be useful to check whether all objects in our game have a given property. Here we have a "not for release" section that will run at the start of the game and alert us to any objects lacking description:

Section 1 - Testing descriptions - Not for release
When play begins (this is the run property checks at the start of play rule):
   repeat with item running through things:
      if description of the item is "":
         say "[item] has no description."
Section 2 - Story
The Staff Break Room is a room.
The player carries an orange, a Bic pen, and a napkin. The description of the orange is "It's a small hard pinch-skinned thing from the lunch room, probably with lots of pips and no juice."
The description of the napkin is "Slightly crumpled."