Completely replacing the endgame text and stopping the game without giving the player a chance to restart or restore.

Occasionally, a piece of IF is sufficiently serious that it feels bathetic to offer the player the usual restore-restart-undo-quit options at the end. The following would replace "*** You have died ***" with a centered epitaph, then quit the game when the player hits a key.

This example relies on a standard extension to avoid any fancy programming:

"Battle of Ridgefield"
Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
Ridgefield is a room.
Instead of doing something when the turn count is greater than 1: say "Alas, you no longer have the strength."; end the story.
Rule for printing the player's obituary:
   say paragraph break;
   center "In defense of American Independence";
   center "at the Battle of Ridgefield, April 27, 1777,";
   center "died Eight Patriots who were laid in this ground,";
   center "Companioned by Sixteen British Soldiers,";
   center "Living, their enemies,";
   center "Dying, their guests";
   say paragraph break;
   wait for any key;
   stop game abruptly;
   rule succeeds.