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Zork II Invisiclues

Sample Question

How do you get down off a dragon?

Table of Contents

What is the solution to the riddle?

Is it possible to leave the carousel heading west?

I'm getting tired of the carousel; can it be stopped?

What do I do with the clay brick?

How do I open the door in the Tiny Room?

Is there a way to get past the ice in the Ice Room?

Where do I find an Ice Pick?

What is going on in the Topiary?

How do I catch the unicorn and get the golden key?

How do I enter the gazebo?

How do I kill the dragon?

Can I kiss the Princess?

How do I open the door in the Guarded Room?

What do I do about the lizard doorkeeper?

How do I move the menhir?

What do I do with the Grue Repellent?

The Oddly Angled Room

Does the club have any use?

How do I reignite the club?

What do the glowing diamonds signify?

How do I break the glassy substance?

What is the signifigance of the convention of wizards?

Why does my sword glow when I am at the bottom of the stairs?

What in the world do I do in the Oddly Angled Room?

The Bank

What is the curtain of light for?

How do I turn off the alarm system?

How do I get out of the Small Room?

How does carrying the portrait affect where I will end up?

How many places can I get to from the Depository?

How do I get into the vault?

How do I get out of the Vault?

Volcano Area

What are the basket and canvas for?

Once I've determined what the basket and canvas are, how do I use them?

How do I leave the top of the volcano without being killed?

Which of the three paths down to the valley is best?

What is the signifigance of the mines and smelter?

How do I extend the lava tube?

What do I do about the gnome?

How can I translate the books?

How can I open or remove the rusty old box?

Who is M. Agrippa?

The "Alice" Area

Can I get up the well, and if so, how?

What does the engraving say?

How do I catch the magic mouse?

Can the writing on the cakes be read?

Can the Mad Hatter be cured?

How do I get back down from here?

What do the cakes do?

What can I do with the flask of poison?

How can I get the object under the water?

How do I cross the chasm?

How do I control the robot?

What is EBCDIC?

What is a footpad?

How can I take the red sphere?

What do the buttons do?

The Wizard's Workshop Area

Can I open the Wizard's trophy case?

How do I take the Wizard's wands from the wand rack?

What do I do with the yellow sphere?

How can the owl be released?

What do I do with the black sphere?

Can the flying owl be caught?

How do I detach the stands from the bench?

What are the stands for?

Does the pentagram have any signifigance?

What do I do with the palm tree?

How do I kill the serpent?

How do I enter the aquarium?

How do I satisfy the demon?

What do I do once I've satisfied the demon?

General Questions

What is the object of this game?

What should I do with the treasures I've found?

What do I do about the Wizard?

How many spells are there in this game?

What does the FANTASIZE spell do?

How do I cast a spell?

Is there anything special about the spells the Wizard mumbles?

Where should I play the violin?

How can I get the pearls back from the housekeeper?

How do I get past Cerberus?

Where does saying HELLO AVIATOR cause something to happen?

What do I do for light when my lamp runs out?

Can the dmeon help me?

Where do I find the white sphere?

Are the spheres useful for anything?

How many spheres are there?

What do I do with the perfect rose?

How do I go down the staircase landing without being killed?

What do I do with the heads on poles?

What is the signifigance of "Feel Free"?

I have all the points but somehow don't feel finished. What do I do?

I've finished the game but don't have all 400 points. What's going on?

I haven't finished the game and I don't have all 400 points.

Treasures: Their Values and Locations

(Use only as a last resort)

pearl necklace        15    in the Pearl Room
gold key              15    hanging on the unicorn
dragon statuette      20    in the chest
red sphere            20    in the Dingy Closet
fancy violin          20    in the iron box
portrait              20    in the Bank Chairman's office
moby ruby             15    in the Lava Room
zorkmid bills         25    in the Bank Vault
blue sphere           20    in the Dreary Room
package of candy      15    under the pool of tears
black sphere          30    you create it
gaudy crown           20    in the rusty box
clear sphere          20    in the aquarium
Flathead Stamp        10    in the purple book
gigantic dog collar   15    in the Kennel
gold zorkmid coin     20    on the narrow volcano ledge
Wizard's wand         30    the Wizard has it

Other points are gained by:  solving the riddle (5), getting to the top of 
the well (10), killing the dragon (5), entering the Wizard's Workshop (10), 
solving the Oddly Angled Room maze (5), entering Cerberus' room (10), 
entering the Crypt anteroom (3), entering the Crypt (2), and giving 
treasures to the demon (2 each, maximum 20).

For Your Amusement

Have you tried:

…setting off the bomb in the Dusty Room and then waiting in the balloon
tied to the ledge?
…petting or killing Cerberus after putting on his collar?
…removing Cerberus' collar?
…attacking the Princess?
…taking the serpent?
…diagnosing yourself while under certain spells?
…waiting around the Topiary?


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